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Our Kitchen is gorgeous. It was finished by March with appliances, too. Pat's the cook and is loving it.
A cruise with our church, MCCSD, provided us with an additional treat, dinners with our founder, Rev. Troy Perry.
The price of gas finally sent Pat over the edge -- we got a new Prius -- average 50 MPG -- happy us.
San Diego State University brought us a special guest; the Dalai Lama -- awesome!
The Borego Springs retreat was great this year, and an inspiration as well. Upon returning, we began with weight loss and our never ending battle of the bulge.


Emi joined us again for awhile this year after a fall broke her hip. She is doing pretty well now and went with us to see the musical drama, Allegiance.
Pat continues with Swedish lessons and enjoys working with the people
of the House of Sweden in Balboa Park. She still does their website, too.

Sandy is still a button nut & continues doing the newsletter and website.
The San Diego Airport button display turned out really lovely.

August brought us to Sweden for a week where we enjoyed seeing many of our cousins. Exciting!


We finished the month of August on the Garrison Keillor's Cruise which left from Amsterdam. We visited many of the ports on the Mediterranean.
Some of the stained glass windows in 
Work on the Cathedral began in 1882 by Antonio 
the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona.
Gaudi; not expected to be finished 'til 2026 or 2028.
While on board, Sandy pretended that she was in the Harry Potter Chess game. We finished the trip with two nights in Barcelona before returning home -- fun!
We just returned in time to spend a week on a mini-vacation with Mavis, my cousin from Australia.
Next, we were off on a 10 day stay with Sue Bixler on Kailua, Oahu. The beach is one house away and nearly private. We spent an evening with Pat's college friend, Gail, and her husband, Phil. Pat and her boogie board...

Warm wishes to you all, Pat and Sandy

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