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The first Sunday of Advent marked the beginning of our second year in our beautiful church home. We  are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.
Pictured above: Rev. Houston Burnside (author of A Pew-sitter's Search for God) celebrates his 80th birthday with his wife, Connie, as they enjoy the sounds of a mariachi band. His family and friends enjoyed the party, as well.


We still keep busy with clubs, Swedish activities, and classes at Oasis for Seniors; we especially enjoy Richard Lederer's presentations. The Wild Animal Park is a favorite destination when guests come to visit. 
We discovered a 5 lb. cat in our backyard and two weeks later she became part of the family. She is about 14 years old and was abandoned for two years. Pansy now weighs 7 lbs.--still tiny but a real sweetie.  She seems happy to have a home.



Pat joined the Zumba classes at the gym and rides her bike. Sandy still collects buttons,  especially Harry Potter; enjoys the state and local button shows.  We both work on websites for our various groups.
Attend most of  the SDSU Retirement activities-- love the Kentucky Derby Day--mint juleps, coleslaw, fried chicken, songs, and races, too. We also joined CALRTA and SDSU Alumni Association this year. Sandy is not much of a joiner so it took Pat some coaxing to get her on board.



Paul, Pat, Mark, and Sandy
at ABBA Fest.
While at the ABBA Fest at the Hollywood Bowl, Pat became short of breath when climbing a hill. She saw her doctor right away and July became the month from hell. The doctors were all terrific but, when Pat had completed all her tests (x-rays,CT scan, PET scan, and biopsy), we knew she had Adeno Cancer in the lower lobe of her right lung. 
On August 2nd, the lobe was successfully removed along with twenty lymph nodes; the tumor was fully contained in the lung and all the lymph nodes were clear. The silver lining was the many wonderful friends and family who held us up through it all. 

Orna (far right) zumba teacher present a card from Pat's class, 
A dear friend came over with a prayer quilt and it now has hundreds of prayer knots tied on it. She covers herself with their love each night. We arrived at the hospital at 4 AM. Andrea and Margo, MCC members, were already there to help us. Then Peggy came to help Sandy through more difficulties.

Special balloons from Emi.
Pat had lots of visitors.  Long time friends Kumiko and Emi, read with her from a book she brought back from Japan in 1977--reading it was on her bucket list. Pat's Zumba teacher, Orna, told Pat to come to the last class of the Zumba Challenge and when we walked in, we were welcomed by clapping and cheers from the more than 100 students that evening. Terry came over and took Pat for walks on the beach.
Pat with her prayer quilt.

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Bethany joined our household in September so life continues to be good.


Pat's health is now great so she planned our annual trek to Hawaii. Carl and Ingrid Englund joined us this trip. The first two nights, we stayed in Honolulu so we could go on the Home of the Brave tour which leaves at 6 AM. Still on SD time, it was easy to get up at 4 AM. This tour viewed WWII in a very personal way-- the people's stories and daily activities--a really great tour that gave new meaning to "the greatest generation".
We then drove to Kailua to stay at our favorite B & B. Twice daily trips down the path to the nearly private beach. The local Don Quixote store provided fun ukuleles for Carl and Pat to play.


When a trip to the KoAloha Ukulele factory put a wonderful tenor uke in Carl's hands, Ingrid took his little Uke and I got one as well. The four of us played along with the instructional DVD. What a hoot.
We also did a few sight-seeing trips and, of course, shopping. We met up with Pat's friend, Joyce, at Buzz's. A very nice dinner with good friends--awesome.


We returned to a nice visit from Pat's niece, Karen Harper, and her friend, Bonnie Kuzman. Enjoyed taking them around San Diego (the SD Zoo and the Diversionary).
A call from Eric (a dear friend from Pat's past) and his wife, Barbara, gave us the chance to enjoy dinner at the Fish Market at Seaport Village and a nice drive to Coronado to boot.


We spent Thanksgiving with family at Jack & Linda Cooper's.
Pat baked cookies last night for the House of Sweden for December Nights and is going to be responsible for the activities all day Friday--she'll finish up by midnight.
Blessings of the Season and
Happy New Year to all

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