KailuaOahuHawaiAugus29 - Septermbe52006

Sandy and Pat's Kailua holiday 2006. We spent a week at our very favorite place, the Kailua Beachside Oasis.
We just kicked back and relaxed for a week. Pat went boogie boarding every day and Sandy caught up on her reading.

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8/30/2006 12:53
Sandy and Pat took a long walk on the beach every day.

8/30/2006 21:40
You can see the beach is really crowded.

8/30/2006 22:24
Our hostess, Sue, filled the appartment with beautiful tropical flowers.

8/31/2006 23:30
We had a nice dinner with Pat's friend Joyce. Pat has known Joyce since her first trip to Hawaii in 1967.

9/3/2006 23:04
We went to church at Ohana MCC in Waikiki. The pastor is Jonipher Kwong, who did his internship at MCC San Diego.

9/3/2006 23:05
Sandy, Johipher, and Pat

9/4/2006 12:17
Sandy getting her feet wet.

9/4/2006 12:17
Not bad for somone afraid of the ocean.

9/4/2006 12:34
Pat went boogie boarding every day. Often she went twice.

9/4/2006 12:37
Love the warm ocean water.

9/4/2006 20:42
Joyce took us to see Eddie, and old friend from Pat's first trip to Hawaii.

9/4/2006 21:46
Eddie had a party for us and his friends and family sang beautifully with his karaoke.

9/5/2006 13:14
Happy boogie boarder

(Click here for short movie)

9/5/2006 21:09
Pat took Joyce boogie boarding. She had never tried it and loved it.

9/5/2006 21:11
We stayed at the Kailua Beachside Oasis, This is the pool and Sue's 2 dogs Monique and Buster.

9/6/2006 15:57
Love these bike racks found all over the island.

9/6/2006 17:13
The trees and flowers were magnificant.

9/6/2006 17:22
We ate at SushiMan often. We loved the sushi and especially loved the prices,

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