Pat's Scarsdale High School 50th reunion
May 19-21 2006
Pat's high school graduation picture

Pat and Sandy went to Pat's 50th class reunion at the Renaissance hotel in White Plains, New York.
Pat moved to Scarsdale in 1947 and moved away before her senior year in 1955.
Therefore, we have two 50th reunions this year.  You can see more reunion pictures at the web site.

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Edgewood Girl scout troop around 1950. Pat is the first person on the left in the first row.

We went for lunch and a tour of Pat's elementary school, Edgewood. Lunch was served in the music conservatory in the new wing.

This is the combination gym and auditorium. It hasn't changed much.

We used to sit on the lower bannister, hold onto the upper banister, and slide down. The kids say they still do it if no one is looking.

Norman Livingston explaining something to a class.

The teacher is giving the "quiet and pay attention" sign. The kids were learning complex ideas like hypothesis and hypotenuse.

Edgewood School, 2006. The new wing is the closest to you. The school was shaped like an "L" in 1949 and now is shaped like a "U." 

Former 10 troopers Jane Kellogg, Ronnie Christiansen, and Pat Wagenhals enjoying the Friday night dinner. 

Susan Brown, Connie Smoley and Lolette Sudaka

Pat Wagenhals, Betty Brown, Joanne Corelli and her partner Jody

Sandy and Pat in front of Scarsdale High School

Ronnie and Pat in front of Scarsdale High

We took a trip to the Rokefeller mansion, Kykuit. The last Rokefeller to live there was Nelson who also was the last good Republican in my memory.

Greek god of the rivers,

Ronnie in front of one of the many modern sculptures acquired by Nelson Rokefeller.

View of the Hudson river from Kykuit. The landscaping was done to make the views look like paintings from the Hudson River school.

Pat and her childhood friend Carol Shiller. Carol lived up the street and Pat spent many hours at Carol's house with Carol and her sister Lois.

Former classmate Al Bloom doing a comedy routine Saturday night

Pat with Pete Elding with his life partner Wes

Tom Marx with SHS'56 husbands John Baer and Stanley Silverstone and Tom's wife Linda.

Getta Harrar, Susan Silverstone, and Susan Taxin

Stuart Sandburg, Norman Ligingston and his wife Sandra

Former class members reconviened their singing group long distance and performed beautifully after a few rehearsals.

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