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Sandy decorates the tree and makes the Christmas card.

Pat did the outside lights this year. (With a little help from Sandy.)

Paul and Mark
Pat still does the church website and we are enjoying our new pastor.  He always gives us a good roadmap for living a spiritual life -- not always an easy road but a good one.  We also have a new choir director and have music to inspire us, as well.  We attended another Marsha Stevens concert and got to hear a chorus singing Mozart at St. Paul's Church.
Sandy still has lots of pain with her neck and back but we have continued the Water Aerobics class three times a week.  For several months, we went to the Silver Divas, Dancin' to the Oldies -- what fun! ...
Pat, Evelyne, Sandy       Pat and Sandy

Swedish Festival in Balboa Park.
Pat continues to enjoy her Swedish heritage in the local VASA Group.  Sandy joins in whenever she can.  We both enjoy the many friends we have made there.
Pat does the website for the SDSU Retirement Group.  We both participate in as many activies as we possibly can: lunches, dinners, theaters, picnics, plus the many Holiday Parites including Valentine's Day gathering, a day at the Del Mar Races, the Kentucky Derby Day, and Oktoberfest -- Sandy's personal favorite. ...
The Winner!

Pat with her home-grown tomatoes.
Pat is still the gardener around the place and enjoys bringing in the crops fresh from the garden to the table.  Yummy!
Sandy joined the Seaside Scrollers but has only been able to attend a few meetings because of our travels.  She's hoping to get to use her new Hawk Scroll Saw this coming year.
Sandy does the newsletter for the San Diego Button Club and now does their website as well:
(With a lot of help from Pat, of course.)

Sandy at the Computer

Ada, Carole, and Pat
We still enjoy adding to our paperweight collection and seeing our friends at meetings.  We met Drew Ebelhare, glass artist at our last meeting.
Pat does the website for that group:
We've also discovered the Oasis classes for seniors.  Wow what fun we've been having.  We've taken class in every thing from Diet , Yoga, drawing, painting, music, language: Richard Lederer from the radio program A Way With Words (followed by lunch with him), and Digital Photography.  We both learned lots in that last one.
Richard Lederer and Pat
Some of Pat's close-up photography.
Pat can even make a fig beetle look good :-)

Jane, Ronnie, and Pat
Pat attended Scarsdale High School through the eleventh grade so attended their reunion which was held at the Renaissance Hotel in White Plains.

Pat and Carol

Pat, Wes, and Peter

Edgewood Elementary School
The reunion included a tour of Pat's elementary school, Edgewood, as well as a tour of Scarsdale High School, and a tour of the Rockefeller Estate.
Pat attended twelfth grade at Shaker Heights.  Her best friend,  Mary Bingham, contacted her about the reunion.  We met her at the hotel, attended a free Cleveland Symphony concert downtown followed by a fantastic fireworks display, toured Shaker Heights High School, and drove around taking pictures of our childhood homes. There are lots of pictures of both reunions on our website: ...
Pat, Sandy, and Mary       Downtown Cleveland
Our annual trek to Hawaii took us to Kailua, on the island of Oahu

We had a fun time with friends, sun, and surf.

Sandy, Rev. Jon, and Pat

Eddie and his cousins.
Pat's college (Denison University in Granville, Ohio) has an active alumni group that meets at homecoming.  This year, we were lucky enough to link up with Pat's cousins, Jim Kingery and Linda Mulligan. We went to Jim's home and met his family for the first time. Linda and her husband Bernie (both professors at Ohio State University) met us for a late lunch.  It was wonderful to see our cousins again.

Linda, Bernie, Sandy and Pat

Pat, Jeff, Jim, and Heidi
Social Action takes a lot of time and effort.
Pat with George McGovern and Madeleine Albright with Pat.

Yukio the reindeer.  See the antlers?
We wish all of our family and friends the peace, hope and love of the season along with the happiest of New Years.
Lovingly Pat and Sandy

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