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We received a travel brochure from Denison University about a trip to Florence and Rome.  Since Pat was an art major, we decided to go.  It turned out that we were the only people from Denison on the trip, but there was a nice group of people from many colleges and universities who had gotten the same brochure.  We had a wonderful time and got to see many things Pat had always wanted to see.

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3/12/2008 3:02

3/12/2008 5:38
Orvieto as seen from the back window of the bus.

3/13/2008 0:57
Here we are in Florence at the Cathedral of Florence.

3/13/2008 1:21
North Doors by Ghiberti, 
Florence Baptistry 
"gates of paradise" These are
actuallly copies -- the originals 
were damaged by Arno Flood of 1966. 

3/13/2008 1:31

3/13/2008 1:49
Arno River

3/13/2008 1:55
Back side of the ponte vecchio Florence

3/13/2008 2:03
Copy of Michelangelo's David in
it's original spot in the Piazza della 
Signoria. We saw the original at 
the Galleria dell'Accademia 

3/13/2008 2:09
Perseus and Medusa by 
Benvenuto Cellini bronze 1545-54 

3/13/2008 2:14
"Biancone" by Ammannati
- Signoria Square (Piazza della Signoria), Florence - 

3/13/2008 2:39
Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany

3/13/2008 4:10
We went to a Tuscan 
winery where we had a 
fabulous lunch. 

3/13/2008 4:25
View of the Tuscany hills
from the winery.

3/13/2008 4:26

3/13/2008 4:26

3/13/2008 4:39
Sandy tasted the wines while 
Pat took pictures.

3/13/2008 5:11

4/20/2008 17:23
Lots of cute cars in Italy. T
hese tiny ones are called 
scooters and you don't need 
a driver's licence to drive them.

3/14/2008 1:34
We walked across the 
Ponte Vecchio to the Pitti Palace 
and Boboli Gardens. 
The Medicis lived here.

3/14/2008 1:52
Sandy makes a new friend at the 
Pitti Palace 

3/14/2008 3:40
View of Florence from the 
Pitti Palace

3/14/2008 3:49
This arificial cave is part of 
the Boboli Gardens

3/14/2008 4:20
We stopped on the 
Ponte Vecchio to look 
at the jewelry shops.

3/14/2008 4:20 

3/14/2008 8:47
We toured the world famous 
Uffizi gallery. No photograpy wase 
allowed except from this window. 
The Medicis had their government 
offices in the Uffizi gallery and had a passageway from the Pitti Palace 
across the river to the Uffizi. Here is part of it.

3/14/2008 9:36
You can see how the passgeway 
goes to the bridge and across the top. The passageway is above the arch.

3/14/2008 11:37
We stopped for dinner at a 
popular spot that had pasta 
and shellfish. The olive oil that 
we dipped out bread in was 
the best we have ever tasted.

3/15/2008 4:27
We changed planes in Frankfort. 
The tobacco warnings in Germany 
are a lot stronger than the pitiful 
labels we have here. We got back
safe and sound and slept a lot for about a week. 

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