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We love our new ministry at MCCSD: Third Thursday Tea at 2:00 for our senior members and friends.


We had backyard skunks that enjoyed eating our pineapple; our house got a tankless water heater. 


All things Swedish are good, too. We enjoyed the IKEA crayfish dinner and the Mid-summer activities--Pat carried the flag while wearing her native costume. We still do things for the Pysselgruppen.


The Borego Springs retreat was great again this year. We love the people, the activities, and the sculptures.

Pat's Swedish cousins came for a visit in May.  We had a lot of fun together and got really close. 
We took a short trip to Grand Canyon and then to Hawaii.


We visited with Pat's niece Wendy and her family.

Pacific                                  Beach

Britt Marie, Sandy, and Ingalill at Pacific Beach

Grand                                  Canyon

We took a trip to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and Sedona with a visit to Walnut Canyon.

Walnut                                  canyon cliff dwellings

Ruins of the cave dwellings in Walnut canyon.

Visit to                                  Juliian with Ingrid and Carl

We drove to Julian to visit with our friends Ingrid and Carl.

Ingalill                                  and Britt Marie with orchid leis

Pat took them to Hawaii and they got a lei greeting at the airport.

The three                                  of us at the Chief's luau

Here we are the the chief's luau.


November brought us back to the Kona Coffee festival with Carl and Ingrid. 
We were joined by Dan and Michael--toured the Vanilla Factory, Coffee factories, the Chocolate Factory (gekos love it, too).


We attended the concerts, played Ukuleles, snorkled and had fun, fun, fun!



We enjoyed the final concert complete with a bon dance and, at the airport, Pat visited in Japanese with three of the dancers. .. .. ..


The world mourns the loss of Nelson Mandela.

We especially feel his loss "...because of him, South Africa became the first country in the world to include constitutional protection for same-gender loving persons."  To bad that our country doesn't see this as a human right.


Pat, my energizer bunnny, has completed four 5 K's this year and still has daily workouts at the gym.


We got to see/hear the Disney Concert Hall/LA Orchestra.


and Sandy still loves buttons! 
Pat and Sandy go sledding
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