Ingalill's visit to San Diego
March 2005
Pat's cousin Ingalill came from Halmstad, Sweden for a 2 week visit in March.  We had a very busy schedule, starting with her first day here.

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We stopped off to see Pat's
niece, Wendy and her new 
baby, Brooke Lyn.  Wendy's 
husband, Leonard is standing 
next to Pat.

Saturday we went to Balboa
Park for a peace demonstration 
against the war in Iraq.  There 
were a lot of police there but no

Entrance to Balboa Park

peace march

Pat's neighbor, Patti, Ingalill, 
and Pat's friend Wanda.
Patti drove us to the rally.

Sunday we went to the
Rolando street fair. 

Monday we went to
water aerobics and then had
lunch at our favorite sushi bar.

Tuesday, we went to
Rosarito Beach in Mexico.

This is Linda, Ingalill, and 

We had a wonderful lobster
lunch at Los Pelacanos.

Then came home to Linda's
home and were greeted by 
Sandy's nephew, Jack.

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